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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Read and answer

One day, a crow stole a piece of meat. Then he flew to a tree to eat the meat. A fox saw the crow with the meat. He asked the crow to sing him a song. When the crow opened his mouth to sing, the meat fell. The fox snapped it up and walked away happily.

1. Who stole a piece of meat?
    _______________ stole a piece of meat.

2. Why did the crow fly to a tree?
   He flew to a tree ________________________________

3. Who asked the crow to sing?
   __________________________asked the crow to sing.

4. Did the crow open his mouth to sing?
   A   Yes, he did                           B  No, he didn't

5. Did the crow get to eat the meat?
   A   Yes, he didi.                          B   No, he didn't

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