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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Grouping of Animals

Animals can be grouped in different ways such as body covering, number of legs, and shape of beaks.
Fish, crocodile and snake can be put in the same group because their bodies are covered with scales.

Crocodile can also be put in the same group as rat, tiger and kangaroo because they have four legs.

What have we learnt?
1. The external features of an animal are the parts that we can observe.
2.Beak,fur,feather,fin,hair,scales,wings,claws,hornand legs are examples of external features of animals.

3.Similar external features can be used to group animals.
4.Animals can be grouped in many ways according to different external features

A.Fill in the blanks with the correct answers
1.I have wings.
My wings are colourful.
My body has no feathers.        I am a__________.

2.The body of a lizard is covered with__________.

B.Underline the correct answers

3.The similarities between a dragonfly and a fly is that both animals have wings.(True/False)

4.Centipedes and millepedes can be put into the same group because both animals have many legs.(True/False)

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